What people are saying

“Well on their way to resuscitating a standard of timeless music that has been diminished in our popular culture, Them Vibes are building a repertoire full of sensual and grainy sounds with personalities and hearts to match.” 

— Lockeland Springsteen

"Them Vibes kick proverbial ass as they take a great big romp down the avenue of R&B-flavored funk rock. Drums and bass lay strong foundation work as the guitar brilliance of Lewis and Haddad tear things up like Morris O’Conner or Roland Bautista from Earth, Wind, and Fire. Brother Love jumps into his role with great enthusiasm as he sings his mode of Change." 

- John Pfeiffer (Aquarian Weekly)

“THEM VIBES delivered tons of oxygen with an exceptional passion, energy and respect for the roots but with their own special and furious mark. Steamy, sweaty & intense. Ace crafted jams, smoking swagger. They state that they bleed rock & roll. Trust me, they really do. Sell them your soul. You will 
not regret it, not one single shot…” 

— Turn Up The Volume